United Action Sweeps the Delegate Election!


Local 251 members overwhelming elected 251 United Action to represent them at the Teamster Convention in June.

251 United Action swept the election, winning all 7 delegate spots and the 2 alternate spots. All United Action candidates were elected by more than a 2:1 margin.

Fred Zuckerman, Teamsters United Candidate for General President, congratulated 251 United Action on our victory, saying "Congratulations to Matt Taibi and his team for standing up for the membership and keeping corruption out of 251."

Click here to see the full official vote results.

We want to thank all the members who participated in and voted in the delegate election. We are proud to serve you and look forward to representing you at the Teamster Convention as we continue to rebuild our union.


Hoffa Slate Vice President Busted for Corruption!


Rome Aloise, a Vice President on the Hoffa Slate, has been busted on corruption charges:

  • Labor Racketeering, including repeatedly asking employers for gifts during negotiations.

  • Taking employers gifts like admission to the Playboy Super Bowl Party.

  • Asking employers for jobs for his relatives during negotiations with UPS, Costco, the largest liquor distributor in the country and others major Teamster employers.

  • Negotiating a sham collective bargaining agreement to give Teamster health benefits to the owner of an investment firm.

  • Using union and employer resources to punish and illegally campaign against members who ran against his friend in a local election. Sounds just like Sean O’Brien and Local 251 doesn’t it?

These corruption charges are all documented in a report by the Independent Review Board, an anti-corruption panel. Click here to read their report. This is the kind of person that 251 Strong supports for International Union office!


Vote 251 United Action


On February 22, you will be mailed a ballot to elect Local 251’s delegates to the Teamsters International Convention. 251 United Action will fight for you.

Oppose any dues increase. Joe Bairos voted for the biggest dues increase ever at a previous Teamster Convention. Hoffa recently forced Local 251 to impose this increase on members at Rhode Island Hospital. We will oppose any dues increase. We are proposing to lower dues for members making $15 an hour or less.

Oppose the contract givebacks negotiated by Hoffa-Hall and the International Union at UPS, YRC, New Penn, ABF and UPS Freight.

Demand more union backing for Local 251 members. Local 251 members who work under local contracts get no support from the International Union when we are fighting for better contracts and organizing the nonunion competition.

Nominate candidates to run against Hoffa in this fall’s election for International Union officers. We will nominate Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United so you have a choice against Hoffa in the International Union election. Our opponents will vote to block all opposition candidates and take away your right to vote.


Take Action


251 United Action Event

Join your Teamster brothers and sisters at this important event for 251 United Action supporters.

February 13th
11 a.m.
$10 Suggested Donation–includes lunch
Cash bar

Tomaselli's at Rosario
17 Rosario Drive
Providence, RI 02909

The 251 United Action Slate only accepts contributions from current Teamster members.
Retirees and non-Teamsters may donate to the Teamsters United Legal & Accounting Fund.

We're Voting 251 United Action

matt-carter.jpgNo Dues Increase

“Hoffa and Joe Bairos raised our dues at a Teamster Convention in Las Vegas—with no vote of the members. We can’t let that happen again. I’m voting 251 United Action Slate.”

Matt Carter, McLaughlin & Moran

 tyler-marshall.jpgHonest Union Leaders

“When Kevin Reddy and Joe Bairos were in office, the union just took our money and did nothing for members at Rhode Island Hospital. Management is as bad as ever, but at least now we have union leaders who are honest and try to help the members.”

  Ty Marshall, Jr., Rhode Island Hospital

hackett2-web.jpg Fight Concessions & Pension Cuts

“Under Hoffa, my pay got cut by 15 percent and my pension was slashed to practically nothing. Now Bairos is back asking for my vote so he can go to the Teamster Convention and support Hoffa? Over my dead body. I'm voting United Action."

  John Hackett, New Penn

nick-orabona-web.jpgStanding Up to UPS

“For the first time, UPS Teamsters have Union Reps that are in our corner. Management doesn't like it and neither do Hoffa, Obrien or Joe Bairos. Well too bad. We're voting United Action."

 — Nick Orabona, UPS


mike-trudeau-web.jpgUnion Reps that Back Us

“We didn’t vote for them in the local election but from day one, the United Action team has fought for us at McLaughlin and Moran. Joe Bairos came to an arbitration as a company witness against us! We’re voting for union reps that side with the members, not the company.”

 Mike Trudeau, McLaughlin & Moran


 Vote Hoffa Out

“We cleaned house in Local 251 and we need to do the same thing in our International Union. I’m voting 251 United Action so we can vote Hoffa out in 2016.”

 — Carissa Paolino, UPS


Hoffa: Hurting Local 251 Members


James P. Hoffa was elected International Union president because of his father’s famous last name. But Hoffa Jr. is no Hoffa, and his failed record is hurting Local 251 members.

Hoffa has been in office for 17 years. In that time, Local 251 members have paid over $10 million in dues to the Hoffa administration and the International Union.

What has Hoffa done for Local 251 members in return?

Negotiated Givebacks & Weak Contracts: The Hoffa administration has given contract concessions to hugely profitable employers like UPS, including a second contract at UPS Freight that is inferior to the National Master Freight Agreement his father fought so hard for. Hoffa has given up on the freight industry, failing to organize the non-union competition and raise industry standards.

Protected Corrupt Officials: The Hoffa administration has protected corrupt union officials, like Kevin Reddy in Local 251. Hoffa Vice President Sean O’Brien threatened to “punish” Local 251 members if they voted against Reddy and Joe Bairos. We stood up to these threats and cleaned up our local.

No Support for Thousands of Members: Local 251 members who work under local contracts get no support from the International Union when we are fighting for better contracts. A case in point is Rhode Island Hospital where the International Union did nothing to help 2,400 members during contract negotiations or in our campaign  against unsafe staffing. 

Raised Your Dues: Hoffa imposed the biggest dues increase in our union’s history with no vote of the members. Our opponent in this election, Joe Bairos, voted for this dues hike at a previous Teamster Convention.

Outrageous Salaries for Union Officials: Hoffa's presidency paid off big-time for Joe Bairos, but not for Local 251 members. Bairos was paid $15,000 annually for a job in the Carhaul Division, when Local 251 doesn't have any carhaul members! Talk about a waste.

This fall, an election will be held for International Union officers. Hoffa cannot defend his record so he is trying to prevent an election by blocking all opposition candidates from being nominated at the Teamster Convention.

The 251 United Action Slate will vote to nominate Teamsters United candidates to run against Hoffa in the International Union election.

Local 251 members want a democratic union and an International Union that puts the members first.

Vote United Action Slate!