251 United Action Sweeps!


The Teamsters Local 251 Officer & Agent election was completed on October 29 when ballots were counted.

Members voted overwhelmingly to re-elect the 251 United Action Slate.

Officials, agents, staff, members, stewards and activists who worked hard during the first term of office of United Action were recognized for rebuilding the power of our Local Union.

Thank you to all who voted for United Action, to give us another 3 years to serve the members of our great Local. To all who didn't vote for us: we hope to show you in the next 3 years that we will work hard to represent you, negotiate good contracts and build a more united Local. All members--particularly those who didn't vote--need to realize that member involvement and collective action, including elections, strengthens our organization. This shows employers and anti-union politicians that Teamster members are involved in their union and are united in our desire for a stronger union. Most importantly, your involvement shows unorganized workers who may want to organize their workplace, that we are a fighting organization which helps our members.

The following candidates, all from the 251 United Action Slate, were elected for a term from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019:

Secretary Treasurer: Matthew Taibi
President: Paul Santos
Vice President: Antonio Suazo
Recording Secretary: Brooke Reeves
Trustee: Dennis Lavallee
Trustee: Carl Chicoine
Trustee: Decio Goulart
Business Agent: Paul Santos
Business Agent: Matthew Maini
Business Agent: Alan Torigian
Business Agent: Bob Sayer
Business Agent: Nick Williams

Click here to view the full results from the Official Certification.


Re-Elect 251 United Action

Vote the first column on both your Local 251 and International Union ballots for leaders that put the members first. Re-elect 251 United Action and vote Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United. 

If you need a Local 251 ballot sent to you, call 1-877-324-7655. 

If you need an International Union ballot, call 1-844-428-8683.



251 Strong Fined for Cheating, Breaking Law


251 Strong and the Hoffa Campaign have been fined $9,000 for cheating in the Local 251 election.

Investigators found that 251 Strong’s Kelley McNally illegally obtained a Local 251 membership list from the Hoffa Campaign and used it to get members’ phone numbers.

Many members complained about receiving phone calls from 251 Strong without their permission. Now you know how they got your number!

The Election Supervisor ruled that 251 Strong broke both the election rules and federal law. 

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We're Voting 251 United Action

 tyler-marshall.jpgHonest Union Leaders

“When Kevin Reddy. Joe Bairos and Linda Russolino were in office, the union just took our money and did nothing for members at Rhode Island Hospital. Management is as bad as ever, but at least now we have union leaders who are honest and try to help the members.”

  Ty Marshall, Jr., Rhode Island Hospital

brian-palmer-freight-sm.jpg Fight Concessions & Rebuild Power in Freight

“Under Hoffa, Bairos and Croce, the national master freight contract got taken apart. We took major concessions. Now they are asking for my vote? Over my dead body. I'm voting United Action."

  Brian Palmer, ABF

nick-orabona-web.jpgStanding Up to UPS

“For the first time, UPS Teamsters have Union Reps that are in our corner. Management doesn't like it and neither do Hoffa, O'Brien or Joe Bairos. Well too bad. We're voting United Action."

 — Nick Orabona, UPS


paul-macateer-cardi-200w.jpgUnited Action Fights for Construction Members

“Previously, our jobs were given away. Now we have a union that fights for us in construction. We need leadership and support from our union like we have in United Action!”

 — Paul Macateer, Cardi Construction


mike-trudeau-web.jpgUnion Reps that Back Us

“We didn’t vote for them in the local election but from day one, the United Action team has fought for us at McLaughlin and Moran. Joe Bairos came to an arbitration as a company witness against us! We’re voting for union reps that side with the members, not the company.”

 Mike Trudeau, McLaughlin & Moran


 Re-Electing United Action & Voting Hoffa Out

“We cleaned house in Local 251. We need to keep it that way, and clean house in the International too. I’m voting to re-elect 251 United Action and supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United.”

 — Carissa Paolino, UPS